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“It Matters” : Breastmilk Matters – It Saves Lives

Newborn babies fed breast milk are six times more likely to survive.
Donating your extra breast milk can save a preterm baby’s life.

Milk Matters – Donate breast milk and help premature babies

Milk Matters is a breast milk bank in Cape Town, South Africa that supplies donated, pasteurized breast milk to premature babies who do not have access to breast milk from their own mothers.

The donor milk is undoubtedly life-saving for many of these recipient babies, who without breast milk are at high risk of life-threatening complications.

How can I donate Breast Milk?

I don’t have breast milk. What else can I do?


Immune factors in breastmilk increase as baby gets older...
Some of the immune factors in breastmilk have been shown to increase in concentration as the baby gets older and breastfeeds less often, so older babies still receive lots of immune factors.