Jenny Wright
Jenny Wright CEO
Jenny joined Milk Matters in 2005 in order to assist with running Milk Matters, a small but growing and developing organisation. Jenny’s desire to get involved in breastfeeding support was sparked by seeing far too many distressed mothers giving up breastfeeding because of a lack of adequate support and information. Working in the field of milk banking provides the unique opportunity to contribute towards as many babies as possible having access to breastmilk, ideally from their own mother or, if that is not possible, from a breastmilk bank.
Stephanie Dippenaar
Stephanie DippenaarClinical Manager
Stephanie Dippenaar is a registered dietitian who joined Milk Matters in the role of Clinical Manager in 2022. Stephanie is passionate about breastfeeding and jumped at the opportunity to expand her knowledge and skills by entering the milk banking field, where her work would make a difference to the lives of vulnerable babies on a daily basis.
Amy April
Amy AprilMilk Processing Officer
Amy joined Milk Matters as a Milk Processing Officer with a strong interest in the various aspects of running an office, including record keeping and stats, and a willingness to take on any task asked of her.
Cheryl-Lynn Freeman
Cheryl-Lynn FreemanBookkeeper
Cheryl-Lynn is a registered accounting officer and tax practitioner with a desire to narrow the financial knowledge and skills gap within the NPO and SMME Sectors, as well as the desire to make professional business services more accessible to entrepreneurs, churches and NPOs.
Donor milk really saved my sons life.
He weighed 985g when he was born at 27 weeks.
Because of your organisation, most of all your donors, my son is healthy, his weight at the moment is 4.5kg – getting fatter by the day. May God bless you all and the work you do. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
Edith, Mother of a baby who received donor breastmilk - Cape Town
I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation, thanks and gratitude to all the mothers who have donated breast milk.
You have restored hope and life, which otherwise may have been lost.
We see the miracle of life unfolding before our eyes as these babies grow and develop. This miracle is realised because of your milk.
Dr Shukri Raban, Neonatal fellow Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa